Our clients’ primary value isn’t money. They value their finances as a means to enjoy the lifestyle they love with their families and community. It’s not about the dollar amount in the investment accounts but what those dollars represent in family vacations, college options for their children, flexibility to work their dream job regardless of salary, and so much more. We deeply value educating our clients so they can feel confident in the financial choices they make. Our mission is to handle the logistics so they’re free to pursue their missions.


How We Can Help


Financial Planning

Accomplishing financial goals starts with a plan. The topics covered in financial planning are dependent on each client’s individual goals and priorities, but the process always starts with getting to know the person. From there, we can effectively work together to create, implement, and monitor a holistic, tailored financial plan.


Investment Management

We help clients choose investment strategies that fit into their unique situation. We consistently monitor the investments we use to make changes as appropriate and provide our clients with transparent reporting of how their accounts have done. In addition to managing the assets we handle for our clients, we also help them make investment choices in accounts we don’t manage such as their 401(k) plans at work.


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of our longest commitments to our clients. We start working with clients early on in their careers to set aside and properly invest funds for retirement. We refine and detail a retirement analysis as the date gets closer, helping to clarify what still needs to be done to accomplish the retirement each client wants. In retirement, we help manage income sources, being as strategic as possible with draws from the portfolio. At every stage, we can be working toward the retirement each client envisions.


Estate Planning

At any life stage, we want clients to know their finances are ready to be passed according to their wishes whether that means ensuring they provide for their loved ones, leave gifts to charities they support, or that their business will continue to flourish. We also want clients to know that, should they be unable to handle their finances, they’ve left decisions in trusted hands. While we do not provide legal estate document services, we partner with attorneys to help integrate your plans into your comprehensive financial picture.


Education Planning

For the majority of the families we work with, the education their children receive is one of their top priorities. This may mean private schooling before college, funding undergraduate costs, and/or helping with graduate school expenses. For some, they’d like to do it all and provide all the funds necessary; for others, they’d like to help but want their children to contribute, too. Regardless of each family's goals, we can help plan for how to save for it.


Insurance Planning

One blind spot we emphasize addressing with our clients is in the area of insurance. Whether that be disability insurance for a young professional, life insurance for a new family, or long-term care insurance for a middle-aged couple, we want to ensure the other aspects of a client’s financial life that they’ve worked so hard to build are protected against the unexpected.


Tax Strategy 

While working through the other aspects of a client’s financial plan, we keep an eye on the tax implications. This includes considering whether pre-tax or Roth retirement savings make the most sense and what types of investments to hold in different accounts. While we believe taxes are a symptom of greater earnings, we certainly want to make the right choices to minimize the tax burden. We don’t provide tax services but are happy to partner with a client’s accountant on decisions to this end.


Charitable Giving

Many of our clients have a heart for giving, and we want to support them in that. For us, this means helping them strategize that giving so that benefits like tax incentives can be utilized. In particular, we work with clients to set up Donor Advised Funds, whether managed by us or not, to help them make the most of the giving they already intend on.