Tax and Estate Planning

Tax and Estate Planning

“I want to leave my children enough that they feel they can do anything, but not so much that they do nothing.”

– Warren Buffet


As life progresses, your understanding of taxation’s effect on your situation expands significantly. At Sage, we believe in paying your required amount of taxes, but we also know the tax system sometimes costs more to those with blind spots. Thus, we enjoy helping our clients see those blind spots and take action to minimize or remove them.

Accountants specialize in executing your tax plan while providing direct tax advice. We do not provide tax execution services, but you can rely on us for guidance in taking steps to reduce your tax bills. We will partner with your tax professional as needed to integrate your tax plan with your comprehensive financial plan. We can also refer you to qualified tax professionals we have vetted, and we deliver expert and timely answers to your questions while you are executing your tax returns.

Estate Planning

Basic estate planning is conducted by answering some key questions:

  • Would your children or dependents receive the utmost care and financial security should the worst happen?
  • If you died tomorrow, would your financial estate transfer seamlessly to your heirs and would they know how to manage it thereafter?
  • Has someone been appointed to handle your financial affairs for you if you pass away, cannot be contacted, or are incapacitated?
  • Is someone appointed to aid in your health care decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself?
  • If you own or lead a company, does your business have a contingency planin place should you die prematurely, retire, or become disabled? Are there state-specific issues you should plan for if you are a same-sex couple?
  • Are there special needs of a child or dependent that you want to plan for?

These are the types of questions we ask when assessing your basic estate planning needs. If blind spots are uncovered when you answer those questions, the time for action is now.

Beyond the basic estate plan exists a need to set up special arrangements that serve your unique situation. As your wealth grows, perhaps you would like to avoid probate, transfer assets to other generations or charities prior to death, and take new measures to avoid unnecessarily hefty taxes. Such are the more complex questions that can be addressed with a more comprehensive estate transfer plan.

We personally do not execute your legal estate documents; attorneys who specialize in estate planning and legal document preparation will execute your estate plan with you. We will partner with your estate planning attorney and accountant to integrate your estate plan with your comprehensive financial plan. We can refer you to attorneys we have already vetted, and we will be there to help your beneficiaries should the time come.

We’d love discuss strategies for how you can meet these challenges. To meet with us, without any obligation, call us at (206) 516-7991

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